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Old Archive of Navarre

Fachada del antiguo Archivo, hoy Sala-Museo

Façade of the old General Archive, now a small museum.

At the entrance to the garden of the Palace stands the old seat of the Royal and General Archive of Navarra; nowadays it houses a small Museum of the Palace of Navarre. Designed in 1898 by Florencio de Ansoleaga, particularly to store archive collections, until 2003 the building was home to the mediaeval documents of the Kingdom of Navarre and others from more recent eras, which can now be consulted at their new location in the Palace of the Monarchs of Navarre in Calle Dos de Mayo of Pamplona.

The Museum of the Palace of Navarre shows historical items and articles from the Palace of Navarre, and also a large model of the extension project carried out in 1930.

On the façade of the old Archive appear the busts of eight illustrious figures from the history of Navarre, inside large medallions: Juan de Jaso, José Moret, Juan de Sada, Ximénez de Rada, Martín de Azpilcueta, Jerónimo de Arbolancha, Fray Diego de Estella and the first Prince of Viana.

Government of Navarre

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