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Powers and duties

Powers and duties of the Executive

The Government of Navarre, or Diputación Foral, is the collegial body that, under the leadership of its President, lays down general policy and supervises the Administration of the Comunidad Foral of Navarre. It consists of the President and the Ministers, or Foral Deputies, who are appointed by the President.

It befalls the Government to wield legislative power and perform executive duties. Likewise, it is responsible for safeguarding the integrity of Navarre’s Regimen Foral, its own system of laws, which is the equivalent in Navarre to the Statues of Autonomy in the rest of Spain. The Government is empowered to address conflicts of competencies and to file unconstitutionality proceedings before the Constitutional Court. Furthermore, it exercises those powers that, in terms of Local Administration, are vested in it by the Amejoramiento del Fuero.

Likewise, it is empowered to enter into international agreements and treaties that affect issues that fall within the jurisdiction of Navarre, as well as the appointment of its representatives to the Board of Co-operation with the State, as well as to whatsoever other public or private bodies or institutions. With the prior authorisation of Parliament, the Government is entitled to issue public debt, constitute guarantees and subscribe loans, and to enter agreements with the State and with the other Autonomous Communities.

The Government lays down the overall policy targets for the Comunidad Foral, approves drafts of foral law, the General Budget, the General Accounts of Navarre, and submits them all to the deliberations of parliament. It orders payments to be made and administers Navarre’s assets.

In addition, the Government may issue Legislative Decrees and approve, by means of a Foral Decree, the regulations for the development and execution of foral legislation and of those laws and provisions of the State regarding those matters whose implementation corresponds to Navarre.

It also befalls the Government, amongst other duties, to perform the senior management and inspection of the Administration of the Comunidad Foral and of the public companies and entities attached to the same, and the supreme command of the Foral Police Force.


The Government is to resign following the holding of elections to the parliament of Navarre, when the latter withdraws its confidence in the President or passes a vote of no confidence or upon the resignation, a definitive ruling on impeachment or death of the President.

The ministers are appointed by the President. Amongst their powers, special note should be made of the following: submission for the approval of the Government of the drafts of Foral Laws and drafts of Foral Decrees, the exercise, by means of Foral Order, of statutory powers, the issue of administrative rulings, the authorisation of expenditure and payments and the representation of their department.

The cessation of ministers is to occur when so determined by the President, when Parliament approves a vote of no confidence or withdraws its confidence, or in the event of the cessation of the President, through resignation, a definitive ruling on impeachment or death.

Government of Navarre

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