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Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Home Affairs

Javier Morrás Iturmendi


Javier Morrás Iturmendi

Born in Gernika-Lumo (Vizcaya) in 1967, he is married with three children.

He is a graduate in Law from the University of Navarra (1990) and has done specialisation courses in personnel management, human resources, quality, occupational risk prevention and business finances.

In his professional career, he was the Head of Personnel and Services and Assistant Director at Vigilancia y Seguridad Navarras S.A. between 1991 and 1992. He later held the positions of Human Resources Director at Nissan Forklift España S.A. (1995-2000); Gráficas Estella S.A., where he was also in charge of Quality Management and the Environment (2000-2003); and Trelleborg- Inepsa S.A. (2003- 2012).

In the political field, he is a member of the Unión del Pueblo Navarro (Union of the People of Navarra). Between 1992 and 1995, he was the Secretary of the Cabinet of the Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism and Employment of the Government of Navarra. Between 1995 and 2000, he was a Foral Member of Parliament, a position which he combined with his professional career until his resignation in November 2000 for professional and personal reasons. As a Member of Parliament, he assumed the following responsibilities: President of the parliamentary commissions for European Affairs and the special commission for the Study of Occupational Incidents; spokesman for the Industry, Trade, Tourism and Employment Commission, the Presidency, Civil Service and Home Affairs Commissions.

He has been a board member of the Navarra People Management and Development Association (AEDIPE) since 1997.

In June 2012, he took office as the Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Home Affairs of the Government of Navarra.

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